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ORC Marine

Where Excellence and Eco-consciousness Meet

Established in 1919

ORC Marine has consistently delivered exceptional maritime services since 1919. Our primary goal is to guarantee effective and cost-efficient solutions for your specific needs.


The ORC Marine Approach

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    Mr Elias Tapiero laid the foundation in what is known today as ‘ORC Marine’ in Tangiers, Morocco, which traded under ‘E. Tapiero Limited’.

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    Mr. Elias Tapiero and his son, David, embarked on a significant expansion into Gibraltar, strategically filling a void in the market for comprehensive maritime services. Their ventures encompassed a range of offerings, including scrap dealing, machinery hire, incinerator plant management, and maritime supplies for the British Ministry of Defence. This expansion marked a pivotal step in our diversity today.

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    Steelmac limited is established, a company dedicated exclusively to Maritime Work due to the high demand.

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    The MV New Flame, a Panamanian bulk-carrier cargo ship, collided with an oil tanker near Europa Point, Gibraltar. Subsequently, the ship found itself partially submerged in the Strait of Gibraltar. Steelmac played a crucial role in the rescue of crew members, conducting ship scraping, diving operations, oil pollution mitigation, and utilising ROVs for comprehensive tasks.

  • 2008

    MV Fedra, a 35,000-ton Liberian cargo ship, ran aground at Europa Point in Gibraltar. Steelmac was tasked with salvaging the wreckage, exporting the metal scraping, oil pollution mitigation, employing diving and ROV scanning for damage assessment.

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    Steelmac undergoes a transformative shift as it is acquired by the multinational salvage company, Resolve Marine. Despite this change in ownership, the Tapiero family remains actively involved, continuing their dedicated work for the company.

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    OS 35 collided with the LNG tanker Adam LNG, transporting liquefied natural gas off the coast of Gibraltar, resulting in the vessel being beached. 80% of the ship’s diesel fuel had been successfully removed by Resolve Marine, which undertook the tasks of oil removal, bunker cleaning, and cargo and vessel export, showcasing their expertise in managing the aftermath of the maritime incident.

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    In a significant multimillion-pound deal, the Tapiero family successfully acquires Steelmac, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to enhancing and expanding the company. With this acquisition, the company is rebranded as ORC Marine, symbolizing a renewed dedication to providing superior and improved maritime services.

Our Services

Navigating Excellence, Delivering Solutions. We excel in crafting unique and tailored solutions to tackle the most demanding challenges, whether on land or at sea.

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